Hi Dave:  Thank you so much for the reply.  I suspect it is the same one, since 
I could not find any reference to Black Winesap…  But here is an article 
published in the American Pomological Society in 1950 about Baxter Black 
Winesap…  Would you be willing to help this lady?   Her grandfather was the one 
who released it...  Merry Christmas to all, Mosbah

R.L. McMunn 1950. The Baxter Black Winesap Apple.  Fruit Variety Journal.  
Volume 5 issue 1 pages 5-6.
This chance seedling came up about 1900 close by the place where an Arkansas 
tree had stood in an orchard of Mr. C. J. Baxter, Nauvoo, Hancock County, 
Illinois. Since the seedling tree did not interfere with any orchard operation 
it was allowed to grow. By 1910 or 1911 it had produced its first crop. For a 
few years no particular attention was given the fruit because it closely 
resembled the Arkansas fruit harvested from the orchard. Within a few years it 
was found that the seedling was a good producer and the fruit had exceptional 
keeping qualities even when stored in a basement. Because of its excellent 
keeping qualities enough trees were propagated in 1930 to set about one-third 
of a ten-acre block. After tbese trees came into bearing the seedling was 
referred to as Baxter Black Winesap, and later given the name. The variety was 
named after the family, its very dark color and the similarity in shape to 
apples in the Winesap group. A patent was secured for the variety in 1944 (U.S. 
Plant Pat. 619) and assigned to the Gem City Vineland Company, Nauvoo, 
Illinois. Trees were first listed for sale by the above company in 1947.

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I have a ‘Black Winesap’ that came thru Billy Reed of KY, about 30 years ago  - 
don’t know about the ‘Baxter’ part tho -

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Any of you know of a source of trees or budwood for Baxter Black Winesap.   The 
grandfather of one of our Illinois residents had patented this cultivar in the 
late 1940's.  Happy holiday and new year to all....  Mosbah, University of 
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