Pi r squared.  Ha! You can't fool me; cornbread's square, pies are round!

(In memory of Andy Griffith)

Kevin Hauser
Kuffel Creek Apple Nursery

On Tue, 24 Jan 2017 23:05:13 +0000, "Con.Traas" <con.tr...@ul.ie> wrote:
> Hi Art (and everyone),
> Yes, I was a much more regular contributor in the past. But then, in
> general, there was a lot more discussion going on the forum, which
> stimulated more responses.
> I am happy to confirm I am alive and well, and that the apple industry
> Ireland (small though it is) is doing reasonably well.
> In 2016 there was an outstanding crop, despite the weather being only
> slightly warmer than usual. But there was moisture whenever it was
> and everything just seemed to go right, with an exceptional autumn for
> harvest, with mostly dry and mild weather.
> The big crop has led to its own problems with culinary apples, which are
> oversupplied, and the processors also took less than usual.
> In a few weeks the growers will be giving away free "apples for tarts"
> apples prior to World Pi day (as in the number 3.14 - ratio of diameter
> circumference of a circle), with the catch that whoever gets the free
> apples and makes the pie, must in turn give that away free. A sort of
> pay-it-forward idea that we hope gets a bit of traction.
> Con
> PS Thanks to Dave for the rather comforting and (as usual) comprehensive
> response.
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> I hadn't heard from you in a while and was worried.  You used to be a
> regular contributor.
> Art Kelly
> Kelly Orchards
> Acton, Maine
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> Subject: [Apple-Crop] Future of Extension Assistance to Apple Crop
> Hello to all from Ireland.
> We're having a very mild winter but trees still dormant at the moment,
> at least pruning is progressing well.
> I note from the article below that the ability of public sector staff to
> contribute via a group such as this may become limited.
> However I would be very hopeful that all growers make good on any
> that might arise. I look forward to many years of happy discussion of
> things apple.
> Con Traas
> The Apple Farm
> Ireland
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