Plight of Bihar & Biharis    
   Posted by Agast Anand on December 1, 2008 at 2:09pm   
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  All the pictures splashed across all the newspapers and television channels 
of Biharis getting bashed up ruthlessly has become a common feature and no 
longer evokes a shock or a feeling of disbelief. Yes, it raises a lot of 
questions. And all the questions coagulate towards a single question and that 
is "WHY BIHAR"? (including Jharkhand)
  In the 1950s, Sir Paul Appleby visited India. He was an expert in public 
administration and came to India on an invitation by Pandit Nehru. He went on 
record to say, "Bihar is the best administered state in India and in the time 
to come it will become an example for other states". Alas! Bihar         lost 
out midway. It is high time to give it a thought and evaluate, why and where 
did we lose our way?
  We gave the first president to India and that doomed us. Since then, we 
started considering ourselves as "INDIANS" and not "BIHARIS" or "JHARKHANDIS". 
But the "REST OF INDIA" did not think the same way. For them, we were and 
continue to be only Biharis, very different from the rest of Indians. 
  Out if the feeling of the same "INDIANNESS", we gave for free our rich 
mineral wealth to the rest of India so that their industries can run. It was 
like giving our family gold or milk-giving cow to them because we thought that 
they were our brothers. They took all the minerals and despised us… hated us 
more and more as the time passed.
  Had we sold these minerals directly to European countries or         China , 
we would have been richer than Kuwait or any other country in the world and the 
rest of India would have come to Bihar seeking work. The constant and 
unrestricted drain of minerals is like allowing the parasites to suck our 
blood... to let the traitors rape our women and helplessly watch them having 
the last laugh. This was "Freight Equalization" Policy which cheated us of our 
wealth and left us high and dry.
  Whenever it came to regional development, some states held the country on 
ransom. They threatened and blackmailed India of secession and in turn made the 
centre bow down before them and fulfill their demands. They therefore, got the 
maximum benefits. Perhaps, they have always been lucky to have powerful 
regional leaders which unfortunately, Bihar has always lacked.
  Punjab dangled the same threat in the 50s and the dam which was to be built 
on river "Kosi" went to them as "Bhakra Nangal" project. Biharis again 
sacrificed for the sake of India… for their Punjabi brothers. But this 
sacrifice was not honored. The terrorists killed innocent, defenseless and 
hapless Biharis in 80s who had gone to Punjab to eke out a living for 
  The land of North Bihar is so fertile that we would have become the "Rice 
Bowl" of the world. The "Green Revolution" which should have happened in Bihar 
happened in Haryana and Punjab.
          Has any state valued our sacrifices? 
  We kept dying of HUNGER, POVERTY, FAMINE and FLOODS but still voted on caste 
lines. For us, the most important issue was being a Rajput, Bhumihar, Yadav, 
Muslim, etc. But remember, the world always thought of us as "DISPICABLE 
BIHARIS" who need to be wiped out of the map of India. 
  Out of caste considerations, we kept on giving leaders like Laloos, Rabris, 
Pappus, and Shahabbuddins and ensured that we disappear from the radar of 
  The rest of India was too happy to see all this because out of our 
destitution, we provided them very cheap labor which could run their mills, 
build their homes, work in their fields, look after their cattles, carry them 
on cycle rickshaws or rickshaws pulled by human beings, and still tolerate 
their ill-treatment which they have always meted out to Biharis. It started 
with "BIHARI" becoming an ABUSE and this kind of treatment meted out to Biharis 
gradually started giving rest of         India a "PERVERSE PLEASURE" 
  Suddenly now, this despicable Bihari who was best fit to be at his feet has 
started giving "COMPETITION" to the rest of India . Years of struggle has 
hardened a Bihari and made him very competitive. This has unnerved everybody. 
The violence which we now see against the Biharis is a "NERVOUS REPRESENTATION" 
of the rest of India because somewhere in their heart of hearts they know that 
they cannot compete.  
  We always gave preference to "CASTE" while electing our leaders who have 
always lacked "VISION". They have empowered themselves rather than empowering 
the people of ill-fated Bihar. We have always lacked a good regional leader of 
stature who could defend the needs of Bihar         . Had the then politicians 
put their foot down on the issues like Kosi river or freight equilisation 
policy, Biharis would have never migrated to other parts of the country to seek 
jobs. We now need leaders who can not only restore our wealth but also our 
  It is important for every Bihari to realize that unless and until we build 
our own home (Bihar ), we will never have our pride anywhere outside. 
  Dear Biharis, it has been enough now. We have suffered a lot… we have been 
exploited a lot… we have tolerated all forms of atrocities in the past sixty 
years. Our pride is at stake. Now, the time has come to stand up and intensify 
our struggle to regain the respect and dignity which we deserve in India. Let 
us start making our efforts very much in the positive direction to build a new 
          Let us create a people's movement  to bring about a change... Let us 
act now for the resurgence of Bihar .

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