Just a reminder that I will be leading a Cayuga Bird Club Field Trip to 
Thatcher’s Pinnacles tomorrow morning. We will meet in the parking lot at 
Jenning’s Pond in Danby at 7:00 AM and proceed from there to the trailhead.  
The trailhead to the pinnacles is about a 10 minute drive on Bald Hill Road 
from the pond. This is a seasonal road. Should you decide to drive directly to 
the trailhead, proceed with caution. 
I have scouted the area this week and there are many thrush and warbler species 
in the area, although I have yet to see or hear a Worm-eating Warbler. We will 
also plan to visit the Hillview Road marsh for the resident Virginia Rails and 
return by way of Michigan Hollow where flycatchers are returning to territory. 
The weather forecast is for 70% showers in the morning with temperatures in the 
high 40’s……..so dress appropriately. Hope to see of few hardy souls in the 

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