Sunday seemed to bring in a lot along the Esker Brook Trail. Found Blue-winged, 
Black & White, Blackburnian, BT Green, Am. Redstart, not to mention dozens of 
Yellow Warblers. Also had Scarlet Tanager, RB Grosbeak, and a Black-billed 
Cuckoo on the trail.

The steel deck bridge on Armitage Rd (west of the Rte 89 junction) offered up 
Cerulean and BT Blue on the east side, and the Prothonotary is being seen on 
the west side of the bridge.

Looked on Gravel Rd (south of Rte 318) for the Ruddy Turnstones, but they had 
left the pond, only found a few peeps, mostly Least Sandpipers.

Mark Miller

Photos on the Eaton Birding Society facebook page.

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