First for me this year, several EASTERN WOOD-PEWEE singing on Hoyt-Pileated.
Also saw NASHVILLE at power line cut, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH(es) at Woodleton, 
heard singing BROWN CREEPER (still), numerous Common Yellowthroat and Ovenbird. 
Followed HAIRY WOODPECKER to the underside of a large high tree branch where 
nestlings can be heard; I found the same at home last night: a hole in the 
underside of a branch with loud nestlings and attendants. SCARLET TANAGER was 
singing but did not come close enough to see.

Heard 3 distinct “THREE-beer” clear tones between Woodlleton and the road but 
it didn’t come closer, did not hear “WHIP”, and GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHERs were 
in abundance, so just saying: keep an ear and eye out for possible Olive-sided.

Yesterday I observed 2 female COMMON MERGANSERS perching on the 15’ high stumps 
in the south part of the pond (1 per stump). Also came across a male WOOD DUCK 
high in a tree at the end of Podell who squeaked at me for a bit while I took a 
video of him, then finally flew off when I took a step forward. Later saw both 
M and F Woodies up on the big snag.

Big warbler day at home yesterday, mostly afternoon-evening: MAGNOLIA (M 
breeding and non-breeding), BLACK-THROATED GREEN, several loud full-song 
BLACKBURNIAN, possible ORANGE-CROWNED (but I did not count it as the looks were 
too brief), COMMON YELLOWTHROATs setting up territories as in past years.


Chris Pelkie
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