Julian has been working with Ralph Garruto on studies of ticks, lyme and other 
diseases around the campus of Binghamton University, and monitoring tick 
abundance patterns, infection patterns, etc.  Not quite as abundant as in the 
scrubby areas of Ithaca, and notably, least infected in the Nature Preserve!  
Anyway, if you are interested in learning more, here is the program info.

Dr. Julian Shepherd and Dr. Michael Leonard
"Biological and Ecological Aspects of Lyme and Similar Tick-associated Diseases"
Thursday, June 15  7pm
Hubbard Auditorium, Tioga County Building 2nd Floor, 56 Main Street, Owego

Dr. Julian Shepherd, associate professor of biology at Binghamton University, 
will address biological and ecological aspects of Lyme and similar diseases, 
and Dr. Michael Leonard, medical director of BU Health Services, will address 
medical and epidemiological aspects of these diseases.  Lyme disease is 
vectored by black-legged ticks (alias deer ticks), which have only become 
widespread in our area in the last 6-8 years.  These ticks also vector several 
other less widespread diseases, such as anaplasmosis and babesiosis.  While 
rarely lethal, all of these diseases can have painful short-term and serious 
long-term effects.  We will discuss the involvement of wild mammals, especially 
mice and deer, in spreading the disease, impact of the disease on humans, and 
measures to avoid or reduce the incidence and effects of disease.
Sponsored by the Sierra Club Tioga County Task Force and RAFT (Residents Allied 
for the Future of Tioga). For more information, contact: Erin Riddle, 
riddlerid...@gmail.com <mailto:riddlerid...@gmail.com>, 607-372-5503 (texts 
Anne B Clark
147 Hile School Rd
Freeville, NY 13068


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