Hi Melanie,
I share your challenge, and often bird in the early evening. My typos and
word jumble mistakes posted on this list I attribute to a year of sleep
deprivation. You might really enjoy the path along the inlet in Renwick
Woods (closer to the "stone" arch entrance near the RR tracks).  There I
hear reliable Wood Thrush, Oven Bird, Yellow Warbler, and many other
incredible sounds in the last 2-3 hours of the day!!!  Mosquitoes were
merciless, be prepared!

I was there yesterday around 6pm, all of these birds were there, and I am
99% sure I had a Wilson's Warbler!  It was backlit and high up in the tree
tops, so I could not be sure.  I saw the underside of the tail which was
white/light gray with darker gray tips.  Its call matched the recording and
responded to it; and I heard the same song at Fuertes Bird Sanctuary the
week before.
Happy bird listening!


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