Shirley reports that she just saw a RED-HEADED WOODPECKER being chased thru
our side yard by a Pileated  WP.  She knows the difference between
Red-headed and Red-bellied WPs and clearly saw the all-red head and
all-black back, plus the bold white areas in flight.  This is the first
Red-headed WP seen in our yard in the 18 years we have been here.

Different subject: Hummers.  After seeing a female a few weeks ago there was
nothing until two days ago.  We have seen both a female and a male at
different times in the past two days. Smiling.

Snake day yesterday.  We were working outside yesterday and saw two,
possibly three milk snakes (plus a shed skin), a garter snake, and a black
snake reported by our daughter.  All this was after a Spring with only one
garter snake sighting.  We are wondering about the experience of others.
Pls reply to us directly to keep this space for bird comments.


Bill and Shirley McAneny, TBurg


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