So, to my mystery song query below, some have suggested white-throated sparrow 
or yellow-throated warbler (out of range here, and thus unfamiliar to many 
here), but most had the same conclusion I had, which is a prairie warbler, in 
particular this fellow:

Rather strange to be lacking the buzzy quality of the typical prairie warbler, 
almost reminiscent of golden-crowned kinglet.


PS. Here's my transcription of the entire clip:

Witchety witchety witchety (common yellowthroat)
Sweet sweet sweeter than sweet (yellow warbler)
Meow (sapsucker or catbird?)
Look at me... way up here... (red-eyed vireo)
[Strange prairie warbler solo]
Sweet sweet sweeter than sweet (yellow warbler)
Drink your tea (eastern towhee)
Witchety witchety witchety (common yellowthroat)

Background: american crow (and maybe a song sparrow buried in the middle).

> On Jun 5, 2017, at 6:35 PM, Suan Hsi Yong <> wrote:
> Lindsay-Parsons seems to harbor a lot of strange singers.
> During the Spring Bird Quest on Saturday, May 27, I recorded the following 
> "ascending song", which starts around the 5-second mark in this clip:
> What do you think it is? This was recorded just as the trail first leaves the 
> forest, from a large maple tree at the forest/field edge.
> I have a candidate answer (a silent bird observed in the same tree as the 
> singer, though the bird was never seen singing, nor was it ever seen at the 
> same time the song was sung). I'll divulge my candidate later.
> E-mail me off-list with your thoughts and guesses.
> Suan
> PS. That short iPhone-recorded clip has quite the plethora of different 
> songs, more so that I think I was aware of at time of recording. How many can 
> you identify?


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