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Subject: [ODK Community] ODK around the World Discussion Series: ELMO
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Dear ODK Community,

We are happy to share how we are extending Gaetano’s impact and ODK’s
power into the fields of elections, human rights, and health. Since
2011, we’ve been building an open source platform that we call ELMO
(http://getelmo.org) in order to get a real-time picture of what goes
on around polling stations on election day. But since then, the ELMO
data collection and analysis system has grown to be much more.

For the Carter Center, the ability of our observing teams to submit
their observations of the election process (now not only through ODK,
but also SMS or any browser) is part of a larger effort to ensure
_rigorous accountability_. This is why, for example, we’ve created a
template architecture that allows for the reuse of questions and forms
(a standardization process that allows for comparison of information
across time and contexts) as well as facilitating exports into more
advanced reporting and analytical platforms (e.g. Tableau, R, Stata,
MaxQDA). The ability to create multiple forms covers a range of needs—
from simple weekly M&E charting (“how many drugs were distributed this
week?”) to in-depth and long-text reports (“what is the political
environment like is Province A?”) — thereby allowing for as rich a
picture of the situation as possible.

Read more https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!topic/opendatakit/vNteGeb8Q6U

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