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Subject: April 2007 Chiapas News Summary,May 14
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 19:09:44 +0200

April 2007 Chiapas News Summary

I. The Government Announces More Montes Azules "Relocations" - Mexico's
Environment and Natural Resources Ministry (Semarnat) and its Agrarian
Reform agency began the month of April by announcing that six more Montes
Azules communities will be removed from the Candelaria region of the
Lacando'n Jungle and "relocated" elsewhere. The Chiapas state governjment
echoed its agreement to this move, allegedly made for "environmental
protection." Mexican president, Felipe Caldero'n, blamed environmental
destruction on poor people rather than loggers, cattle ranchers and
factories. According to La Jornada, the six communities slated for
"relocation" belong to the ARIC-I organization and are situated just below
Amador Herna'ndez in General Emiliano Zapata autonomous municipality. ARIC-I
is an independent peasant organization which has usually voted with the PRD
in Chiapas. It immediately issued a statement breaking with the PRD governor
of Chiapas, Juan Sabines (formerly the PRI mayor of Tuxtla Gutie'rrez). Some
of you may remember the struggle to remove the federal Army from Amador
Herna'ndez, a region where Marcos says there are oil deposits.

II. The Other Campaign Announces Indigenous Encuentro - On April 22, the
EZLN and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI, its initials in Spanish),
along with other indigenous nations and tribes, announced a Continental
Gathering (Encuentro) of Indigenous Peoples for October 11-14, 2007.
Indigenous people from the entire world are invited to send representatives.
It will be held in the Yaqui community of Vi'cam, Sonora, Mexico (near
Guaymas). You can follow the progress of this historic event in Spanish at:

III. EZLN Delegates Visit Cucapa' Camp - On April 10, Delegate Zero (Marcos)
and other commanders arrived in the Cucapa' community of El Mayor, Baja
California (near Mexicali) for a ceremony. Several commanders remain in El
Mayor, using the community as a base of operations during this portion of
the Other Campaign's second stage. The remaining commanders are based in the
cities of Aguascalientes and Monterrey. The purpose of the Cucapa' camp is to
accompany the region's indigenous peoples during their fishing season.
Apparently, the accompaniment has been successful since there has been no
direct local, state or federal interference reported.

IV. Chiapas Otra Acts for Land Rights - Jovel Other Campaign adherents
delivered petitions signed by more than one thousand individuals and over
200 organizations to Reforma Agraria in Tuxtla Gutie'rrez, the state capital
of Chiapas, protesting the fraudulent legal representations made by Opddic
members in order to "steal" land from Zapatista families. Reforma Agraria is
the Mexican Agrarian Reform agency which determines land titles. In Chiapas,
the Opddic is often characterized as a paramilitary group. Jovel refers to
the Jovel Valley in which San Cristo'bal de las Casas is located. The 2
examples of Opddic's fraudulent land-grabbing used in the petition were
those of El Nantze and Mukulum Bachajo'n. In the case of Mukulum Bachajo'n
alone, 296 families will lose their homes and cornfields and will join the
ranks of those internally displaced by the dirty war; landless and homeless.
The San Cristo'bal NGO known as CAPISE presented documentary evidence of the
fraud which means displacement and homelessness to hundreds of families.

Compiled by Mary Ann Tenuto-Sa'nchez for the Chiapas Support Committee

The Chiapas Support Committee is a grass roots all-volunteer human rights
organization in Oakland, California. We work with indigenous and campesino
organizations in Mexico. We have an hermanamiento (partnership) with San
Manuel autonomous Zapatista municipality. In the Bay Area we provide public
information about Chiapas through public events, our radio program, our
newsletter, Chiapas Update, our listserv and several web sites. We organize
delegations to Chiapas and also recruit and certify human rights observers
and volunteers. We participate in the Other Campaign and the International
Campaign in Northern California. Our contact information is below!

Chiapas Support Committee
P.O. Box 3421
Oakland, CA 94609
Tel: (510) 654-9587

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