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> On 02/27/12 02:02, H.Merijn Brand wrote:
> > On Fri, 24 Feb 2012 16:50:37 -0500, Yanick Champoux
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> > > [OTHERS]
> > >  - change the shebang line of examples to the more modern '/usr/bin/env 
> > > perl'
> >
> > Personally I really really hate this change
> Fair enough.  This being said, I have to point out that the change 
> is only on the scripts in the 'examples/' directory, which are not 
> installed as part of the distro.

Understood, but IMHO we/you should not/never promote that usage

> > Perl has been configured to use $Config{startperl}. Use it!
> I'm not sure I understand how you would like me to use it. I know that,
> if we ask nicely, MakeMaker and Module::Build will change the shebang
> of scripts that are to be installed to the local location of perl, but
> typically things that are not to be installed are left alone.

In which case I wonder why this change was needed in the first place

> Do you propose that the example directory get munged as part of the
> 'perl Makefile.PL' stage?

No, only if these examples are installed as option from Makefile.PL
(many modules allow that)

> Or do you know of a static shebang that goes straight for
> $Config{startperl} ?

No. Maybe #!your_path_to_perl_here
would be the best option :)

Maybe I sounded too harsh in my previous mail, but in the end, that
ticket should just have been marked "rejected" with exactly the
explanation you just wrote here. If it does not install those scripts
from examples, *ANY* shebang line is valid

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