Hello guys,

i followed up on gene...@incubator.a.o and we don't need a software
grant for that.
Marius and Adonis have already submitted the ICLAs and we are good to go from
that point of (legal) view.

Now, how to continue.

I think we want to have a release (1.2.13) before we add the new skin.
So once the release is done, we can integrate the skin;

Pretty much after the new skin, I don't mind to have another release as well
(-> 1.2.14);

Once that all is done, I think it is time to merge the stuff also into
our Trinidad 2.0 offerings.
Catalin, have you guys already checked that ?

So let me run a 1.2.13 release, and after that we can integrate the new skin.


On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 11:37 PM, Catalin Kormos
<catalin.kor...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello there,
> I have the pleasure to inform you about the work we did to develop a new
> skin for Trinidad and based on this a brand new, Trinidad components
> showcase application. You can see it all in action at [1]. It is still a
> working in progress, in advanced state though...i mean there is always
> something to be improved; nevertheless we would like to donate the new skin
> and the new demo application to the MyFaces community, in its current state,
> and continue there if you guys agree.
> Many thanks go to my collegue Adonis who has put a lot of effort into
> designing and implementing the new skin called 'Casablanca'. I'm sure he can
> give you more details as needed about how the process went.
> A few words about the new demo:
>  first of all, many thanks to another collegue of mine, Cosmin, for his
> continuos efforts with this.
> the demo is working only with facelets (there is no jsp version)
> it uses the latest 1.2.13-SNAPSHOT version of Trinidad
> we tryied to build it so it can be searched online also, currently tryied
> with Google Custom Search, but this didn't work out so smoothly so far. In
> any case, that's the reason for the pretty urls used. (so, no point in
> trying the search currently as it doesn't work).
> in general, it replicates the examples available already for Trinidad in the
> existing demo, in someplaces slightly improved.
> it tryies to provide a platform on which to build much more demos as
> required as there can be always new ideas about demoing a meaningfull use
> case on Trinidad, or some component behaviour.
> I'm eager to get your reactions, I think these guys did a great job so far
> and this would bring Trinidad at least a few steps closer to a more
> appealing and user friendly component set.
> regards,
> Catalin
> [1] http://example.irian.at/trinidad-showcase-casablanca
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