On Die, 2003-03-11 at 13:51, Charl P. Botha wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 12:44, Keith Whitwell wrote:
> > Ah, actually this was my fault.  Missed an installation step on the new box... 
> >   glthreads is running ok here, now.
> > 
> > Which is good -- but can you still post a summary of outstanding issues.  I 
> > don't have vtk installed, but will do so if necessary.
> If we're talking only DRI with your filp-1 changes, I actually have no
> outstanding threading problems!  I seem to recall Dieter having a test
> case with multiple glxgears and an ipers that broke badly, but he will
> probably bring that up again.
> On 4.3.0 however, the vtxfmt assert error (and application termination)
> seems to happen very often with applications with multiple glxcontexts. 
> The problem seems to have been solved in current DRI CVS, but I haven't
> been able to track down the fixer/fix (I would love backporting this to
> 4.3.0).

This may be stating the obvious, but RADEON_NO_VTXFMT=1 should work
around the problem, right?

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