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Specifically, the "Notes for this QSO" notes. That way you can keep
track of all the call changes separately, i.e.


For those of us who upload to LoTW, however, you're going to have to edit the ADI file for these and any other incomplete entries (> 12 chars) in order to have a QSO match, otherwise there will likely be no QSL (I am assuming the logs will not match unless there is a full callsign match - correct me if I'm wrong, please).

This is what it should look like:

Any line that contains <CALL:9>VE100VIMY has to be edited to <CALL:13>VE100VIMY/XXX where XXX has to obviously be the suffix of the worked station, i.e. VE1, VY0, etc.

Once there's a match in the LoTW, you'll then have to check the LoTW Cnfm box for the relevant QSO in the log manually. All this goes for any other callsign longer than 12 characters.

Convoluted, but the only workaround for LoTW and any other electronic file upload/download, until Paul expands the Callsign entry field beyond 12 characters. With the proliferation of such calls in recent years, this seems a must.


Zoran WA7AA

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