Yes, the old GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT. Cannot be helped when the FCC database 
does not reflect the actual station location.

It seems KK9A holds several call signs all registered to his North Carolina 
address including WP2AA as a club call.
He placed a blurb on his WP2AA page to the effect that all QSO's made 
with that call were from the U.S.V.I. but the FCC database reflects his N.C. 
address so of course that would indicate a CONUS U.S. station on any database.

This differs from a REAL KP2 station such as KP2XX who has an actual U.S.V.I. 
mailing address in the FCC database.

I was under the impression that you could only hold a KH6, KL7, KH2, KH3, KP2, 
etc call IF you had a mailing address to reflect that location. (That is why so 
many Filipinos and Japanese have PO Box mailing address in Guam or Saipan so 
they can hold KH2 or KH0 calls.) I thought maybe that only applies if the call 
is a 2 by 1 but my log shows many actual KP2 calls are 2 by 2 unlike KG4 calls 
when actual GITMO calls are 2 by 2 and KG4 2 by 3 calls are CONUS calls.

I worked WP2AA on four bands. I noticed that when I typed the call into the 
logger the first time it did not indicate a NEW MULT as it should had. After I 
logged it, I noticed it was logged as United States. Therefore, I edited it 
from K to KP2 each time I logged him.

Too bad KK9A did not notify Jim AD1C before the contest that he would be using 
WP2AA in the contest FROM USVI. I would think all serious contesters know Jim 
is the KING of the contest CTY databases. I suspect many folks missed this MULT 
due to the mix-up.


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On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 7:29 PM, Alan Zack K7ACZ wrote:

> If so, I need to warn everyone who used WriteLog in the ARRL DX SSB 
> last weekend that the call WP2AA comes up as United States and NOT 
> U.S. Virgin Islands. I worked them on four bands and corrected my log 
> from United States to KP2 U.S. Virgin Islands after each contact. 
> After the contest I went back to the above mentioned WL_CTY.DAT file 
> and searched for WP2AA. It shows WP2AA as a USA entry WP2AA(5)[8].

The FCC database has a stateside mailing address for WP2AA, so my software that 
builds the country files assumed the call was USA.  A country file release to 
fix this will be released Tuesday night, March
7 local time (after 0z March 8).

To fix WriteLog, change the country prefix of each WP2AA QSO from K to
KP2 and it will rescore the QSOs.

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