Well, now that I know to use the F key to get into the "Custom Award Value" field instead of double-clicking, I am wondering what else I may be missing/misusing. With that in mind, is there a way to automate the tagging of QSOs with the "Custom Award Value"? My current process is to select the QSO (typically in sequential time order since they were usually worked in the CWT), choose "CW Operator's Club" from the "Custom Award" list, tab to the "Value" field, hit F1, type in the call, hit enter 3 times. Is that as simple as it gets or am I still doing it "the hard way"? Would be pretty cool if selecting the award caused the program to grab the callsign and automatically search but, given the variety of awards, I imagine it would be no small task.

Mike / W8DN
DX4Win Since Version 0.97

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