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I wonder what am I missing regarding this LOTW issue:
I hold 4 callsigns: PY2YP, PY9UC, PR2O and ZZ2Z. The LOTW under the QSOs menu shows the following statistics:
PY2YP: 9,412 QSLs;
PY9UC: 17 QSLs;
PR2O: 1,100 QSLs;
ZZ2Z: 5,131 QSLs.
The total is: 15,660 QSLs

However the "Your QSOs" page shows:
You have 57,993 QSO records
You have 15,662 QSL records

Where are the missing 2 QSLs?

I, too, have one "missing" QSO somewhere. Also, in the past I had one particular callsign confirmed, then it disappeared, only to show up again. It points to some non-perfection in the LotW database.


Zoran WA7AA

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