Greetings all;
  So I'm not sure if this has been addressed, I'm sure it has so pardon
me if this is redundant.  I am trying to update DX4WIN with my DXCC QSL
Card Report file (adi).  I am getting a very high number of entries in
the .notfound file.  It appears the reason is the QSL information in the
adi file is missing the time stamp.  Therefore these entries do not
match up.

  I was hoping to utilize this feature with the hope the DXCC award
status would be updated in DX4WIN.  Now I'm sure the problem exists
between the seat and the keyboard.... so what am I doing wrong?  Is
there a way to import this file to get the QSO's to match my log and
update the information for me?

Kurt - W2MW
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