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Just to keep You informed about there comes up a solution wrt.:

     On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 1:08 PM, Thomas, DL1AMQ wrote:

     > By using ClubLog's „paperless“ procedure I got accepted nearly 400 
different IOTA groups, including IOTA contest QSOs,
     I never had a QSL for. Changing IOTA award status in log for each accepted 
QSO from „---“ into „C“ is consuming much time.
     Is there a more comfortable way ?
     > I would like to use the CSV file, downloaded from, doing 
that for me.
     > Any hints how to proceed ?

     I wish I could say Yes, but there is no way to do this at the present time.

     If I had the time (which I do not), I could write something that takes
     the IOTA listing and modified the award flags in the .DXQ file
     exported from DX4WIN. Then you could import those QSOs back into your
     DX4WIN log, with the correct award status set.

     But as I said, I don't have the time. Maybe someone else will
     volunteer to write such a utility. Until then....

     73 - Jim AD1C

--- snip ---
That exactly is, what Lee Hallin, N7NU, has done. He kindly offered me to use 
my downloaded .CSV file for changing IOTA award flag (Mixed) in .DXQ file. 
After importing the updated .DXQ file into my .DXL log file, there were 
confirmed 741 IOTA group numbers out of 752, I had applicated for. Remaining 11 
IOTA group numbers I have updated by hand. It tooks minutes only, instead of 
hours or days before. 
The main reason for import fault in case of remaining 11 IOTA QSOs seams to are 
callsign changings made by IOTA application process, such as IK2DUW/1 
(application) => I1/IK2DUW (accepted) ore date/time differences.
I'm really lucky with obtained result and THANK OM Lee so much for the effort 
he has done to help a sattisfied DX4Win user. May be, his solution is 
applicable for other user and other award flags also.
73 de Thomas, DL1AMQ
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