Thanks Jim , this really helped alot understanding what's going on.  Great 
TNX,  Mike,  N4EPD

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On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 11:40 AM, Mike Parnin N4EPD wrote:

> In regards to LOTW and DX4WIN 8.05 I have what may seem as a easy reply to 
> this problem.
> I have a LOTW account and have DXCC. I upload and download my log to LOTW 
> with no problem.
> My numeric values in LOTW and Dx4WIN match exactly. My question is when I 
> download my
> DXCC info from LOTW, the "C" values in the DXCC Listing report don't change 
> from "C" Confirmed
> to * for Checked. Yes, I have transferred in LOTW those Confirmed to Checked 
> and the "numeric"
> values for DXCC and the ones in DX4WIN Summary match. Why are Confirmed 
> values in DX4WIN
> not changing to * ?  Do I have a setting wrong or is this a manual setting ?

You may want to read this application note:

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