The DX4WIN Award database was updated on 30 May 2017.
It contains 220 awards.  This is a link to the release notes:

You can download a ZIP file of the database from:

But it's easier to use the DX4WIN Data Updater:

The ZIP file also contains a number of membership list files
(plain-text files with a .list extension). These can be used to
identify member calls in the DX Spots window. Please read the
application note on Membership Lists for more information.

Here are the changes:

   17.2 - 30 May 2017
          [30MDG] 30 Meter Digital Group (updated)
          [ARI90] ARI 90 Years Award (added)
          [ARLHS] Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (updated)
          [AVKS] Worked All VK Shires (updated)
          [BCA] Belgian Castles Award (updated)
          [CAST] Diploma Castillos de España (1994-2011) (updated)
          [DCE1] Diploma Castillos de España 1.0 (2012-) (added)
          [CWOP] CW Operators' Club (updated)
          [DCI] Italian Castles Award (DCI) (updated)
          [DEE] Diploma Ermitas de España Award (DEE) (updated)
          [DEF] Diploma Estaciones Ferroviarias (updated)
          [DFCF] French Forts and Castles (DFCF) (updated)
          [DIG] Diplom Interessen Gruppe (updated)
          [DLI] Italian Lakes Award (DLI) (updated)
          [DMVE] Diploma Diploma Monumentos y Vestigios de España
          [FISTS] FISTS - Int'l Morse Preservation Society (updated)
          [FLPOTA] Florida State Parks on the Air (added)
          [FOC] First Class CW Operators' Club (updated)
          [HSC] High Speed Club (updated)
          [ILLW] Int'l Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (updated)
          [INPOTA] Indiana State Parks on the Air (added)
          [LZTT2K] St. Teodosii Tyrnovski Award (2000-2013) (added)
          [LZTT14] St. Teodosii Tyrnovski Award (2014) (added)
          [LZTT] St. Teodosii Tyrnovski Award (2015-) (updated)
          [MIPOTA] Michigan State Parks on the Air (added)
          [MAOTA] Mining Areas on the Air (added)
          [NAQRP] North American QRP CW Club (updated)
          [OHPOTA] Ohio State Parks on the Air (added)
          [P070] PODXS 070 Club (updated)
          [ROBI] Russian Robinson (updated)
          [SCIA] Scottish Islands Award (added)
          [SDOK] German Sonder-DOK (updated)
          [SKCC] Straight Key Century Club (updated)
          [SMIRK] Six Meter Int'l Radio Klub (updated)
          [SOTA] Summits on the Air (updated)
          [TXPOTA] Texas State Parks on the Air (added)
          [USIA] United States Islands Award (updated)
          [WADA] Worked Antarctic Directory Award (updated)
          [WCA] World Castles Award (updated)
          [WFF] WorldWide Flora Fauna (updated)
          [WLHA] World Lighthouse on the Air (updated)
          [VIMY] Battle of Vimy Ridge Anniversary (added)
          [YASME] YASME (updated)

Please let me know if there are any problems.

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreisert at>,

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