It has been a little over a month ago that I asked for advice on this forum
for our little girl, Curly.

At that point, I had little hope. She was so lethargic and her hematocrit
had dipped to a critical 9%. I took everyone's advice, especially Amani's,
and asked our vet for Predisolone, Winstrol and Doxycycline.

According to her latest CBC two weeks ago, she is still a very sick kitty
but her hematocrit rebounded to 15% which I know is still very low. All
other numbers are improving slowly as well. That was after less than three
weeks of treatment.

She is due for another CBC next Tuesday and I am hopeful we will see more
improvement. I've noticed her gums are more pink which I believe is a good

We were still having problems with getting her to eat. She would have her
good days and her bad days but her weight was still creeping down. Last
week I asked our vet about Mirtazapine and our vet agreed to give us a
prescription for it. I have to thank Robert for mentioning this in one of
his posts.

One day last week she didn't want to eat so I gave her a quarter pill (3.75
mg) which is the dose our vet prescribed to give her daily. The result was
phenomenal and almost a little scary. She was bouncing off the walls within
a few hours and eating everything she could get her paws on. I almost felt
a little sorry for her because it was like she couldn't sit still for more
than a couple of minutes. But it was like getting our old Curly back again
in just a single day!

The effect tapered off after a couple of days and we didn't feel
comfortable giving her another dose until she stopped eating again because
of how dramatic the change was. I've read online that a smaller dose could
be effective if given every 72 hours so we are going to try doing that so
she keeps eating. It was incredible to see her weight go up by a quarter
pound in just a couple of days.

We are continuing the Prednisolone and Winstrol at the recommended doses
but our two week Doxycycline prescription ran out over a week ago. She does
appear to still be making improvement without it but I'm wondering if I
should ask for another prescription to keep that going as well.

I always worry about giving her the quarter pill of Doxy because I know it
can cause esophageal damage if it isn't followed by liquids. I was
following the pill with the liquid Winstrol solution but wasn't sure if
that was enough.

Many thanks to everyone who gave us advice. It looks like we might have our
Curly back for at least a while yet and it's all because of you people.

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