What a great idea!

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> Robert
> Can I make a suggestion which is something I would dearly love to do myself. 
> Why not house sit for others going on holidays, who have animals? You could 
> only accept jobs in the near vicinity, so you could pop back home and check 
> on your babies as needed. You could also charge different amounts for just 
> dropping in to check on an animal, getting the mail, taking in the newspaper, 
> and watering the plants, versus staying at the house. I know that when I go 
> away, the first and most important thing I have to arrange is care for my 
> animals. We are lucky to have a cousin who is perpetually out of work (though 
> quite young) so he is always available and good with our animals, and we pay 
> him well.
> Nowadays, with the internet as well, it is easier than ever to market your 
> services. No more do you have to pin an ad on a supermarket community board, 
> but you can do that too, along with a distribution of flyers in 
> neighbourhoods near you. 
> There is good money in doing this, and what happens is that when one person 
> uses your services, he/she tells family and friends about you when they're 
> going away. You also can accept and reject jobs - you aren’t stuck with a 
> particular commitment - so there's far more flexibility.
> You're obviously wonderful with animals, so you would be perfect for 
> something like this. (It is my dream job - I could live vicariously through 
> you.)
> Amani
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> Hello All:
> I have a recollection of someone( or someone(s) in our forum mentioning 
> trying a " Go fund me " campaign for their cat(s)....  Was it at all 
> successful??    I am going to need to find some money if I am going to keep 
> my guys going as I really can't return to any kind of reasonable paying work 
> as long as meds need to be give a few times a day ( I can get paid 3x more 
> for a day of work if I go back to where I used to work which is 55 miles 
> away.... but it makes me nervous being that far away if something happens 
> that I can't get back)... I have no real prospects for anything near my home 
> but am beginning to look....  The commited folks on this forum are spending 
> FAR more on their Kitties than I could dream of affording and it hurts me 
> that what _ I _ thought would be adequate care falls so short of what others 
> are doing......  
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