Bob, I am so sorry. I had hoped for at least a little more "good"  time for you 
both. I know how hard it is to lose them, even when you know it's best.

Each one takes a piece of our heart but leaves a part of their being to fill 
the empty place. Yogi isn't gone, he's just gone ahead. My Mako is probably 
still close by, and he has probably been lonely. I hope they find one another.

In time, he'll met you at The Bridge.

Thank you for loving him.

Wishing you peace and healing,


>Sent: Jan 30, 2017 7:31 PM
>Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Yogi's Passing
>Over the months some of you might recall my little guy Yogi for whom I 
>had asked advice ( mostly about his eyes) on several occassions and most 
>recently for suggestions related to making money to be able to keep 
>treating him..
>Well my little Yogi passed away in my arms on Sunday morning....He had 
>started to go downhill a few weeks ago when his HCT dropped over a few 
>weeks to 14....   I did manage to get my hands on some Winstrol thanks 
>to the efforts of others on this forum to whom I am eternally grateful 
>but he faded too fast for it to have adequate effect ( or he simply was 
>not one of the cats that was going to respond to it)
>He got to pass peacefully at home on the bed that he knew so well and 
>with the hand of the guy that loved him and worked to keep him alive all 
>these months stroking him..  I had actually made arrangements to put him 
>down later that day after seeing the condition he was in that morning.  
>I'm SO glad I didn't have to keep that appointment.
>It's been a tough go...   The little guy never really knew more than a 
>few months of health.
>There was , honestly, nothing really remarkable about him ...just a 
>ratty little skinny thing with one clouded over eye.... but he was a 
>sweet gentle little soul that never so much as  attempted to scratch me 
>despite all the things I had to put him through to keep him alive.... 
>There was almost nothing left of him at the end ( started with him at 6 
>months old and 7.5 lbs and progressively over a year lost 3 lbs ( about 
>40% of his body weight .  I probably would have put him down on at least 
>3 occassions if it wasn't for all the good advice and suggestions I got 
>from all of you that helped me press on .
>So now I go from hurting every day watching him go downhill to the one 
>big hurt of losing him....  it will pass in a bit of time( though 
>certainly not today!) and it gives me the opportunity to give a home to 
>another FeLV Cat that would have spent it's life in a cage...... and to 
>give a playmate to my still healthy guy who is still very much a Kitten 
>in his actions and DYING to have someone to play with...this time I will 
>FOSTER so that I don't go broke with cat care if the next little 
>guy/girl starts to go south well ahead of time...
>Thanks to  all of you for being there for FeLV cats...  You all are the 
>one bit of luck the kitties who have come under your care have had....
>Warwick NY
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