Jennifer, how old are your other cats? Are they vaccinated for FeLV? I would 
speak with your vet, but I have never ever had a cat spread FeLV to another cat 
in my household. I might be more worried if your other cats are just kittens, 
but if they are adults, just take the precaution of vaccinating them.


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On Dec 22nd, 2016 an ADORABLE young male kitty arrived crying @ our home. We 
already have 3 cats & a dog, so we tried to find him a home. After a month, and 
having allowed him inside (kept seperate from our zoo) due to lethally cold 
weather, we decided he was here to stay. I was DEVASTATED when he tested 
positive for FeLV. My problem isn't whether to give him a chance at as long of 
a happy life he may have ahead of him, but HOW !  We can't keep him alone in 
the basement bedroom forever, there isn't even a decent sized window for him & 
my heart breaks that the only time I can give him is to sleep by him at night. 
The few times I check in on him during the day are so brief! He has SUCH 
character, and is SO handsome. I don't know how he ended up at our home, unless 
he was dumped or left a nearby farm.
WHERE are the rescue agencies for FeLV+ cats ? ? ? Currently I'm treating him 
for skin mites (has ear mites TOO) so he MIGHT be deemed "adoptable" at a 
shelter that does try adopting out FeLV+ cats. The precautions necessary to 
keep the mites, FeLV, oh yes- AND worms (had to treat EVERYONE) from spreading 
is also wearing me out.

On Feb 8, 2017 5:12 PM, <<>> 
My Annie is now 9 years old and was diagnosed as positive when I got her at age 
4.  She recently started sneezing and had runny eyes so off to the vet we went. 
 She gave her a shot of antibiotic and some more to take at home.  She seems to 
be improving, no more sniffles or runny eyes.  So far the discharges have been 
clear but I did not want to wait a few days to be sure.  He other problem is a 
lame left front leg.  It is not broken and the vet thinks she probably sprained 
it when jumping dow from high places, which she does a lot trying to avoid 
Harley who is a real pest these winter days.  If he cannot get outside, he is a 
terrorist on 4 legs, knocks things down, over, stares at me.

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> Hi Sheila, my little Bear is 1.5 years old and I've had her since she was a 
> little more than 1 month old. She was very ill and tested positive from entry 
> into my life. She appears healthy with good appetite with the exception of a 
> nasal infection that the vet has been unable to remedy.
> I have no other personal experience with Felv although I have work colleagues 
> who have cats that are 6 years old and appearing healthy.
> I'm hoping that all our fur babies have longevity and a quality of life too.
> Marlene
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> > I am learning a lot about FELV cats since I found my Skylar.  Just 
> > wondering about how old is the oldest cat that lived with it.  I had the 
> > IFA test done and that is positive also even though he is perfectly healthy 
> > at the moment.  He will be 2 years old this month, I found him a year ago.
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