I’ve experienced nose issues in two cats, but in both, the problems were 
serious (one cancerous and one some sort of abscess which eventually impinged 
on the brain, causing a coma). Sounds like yours isn’t serious, which is a good 
thing. But, yeah, I’ve had to deal with blood all over the place as well.


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Anyone here ever dealt with a nasal polyp?

My 15 yo FeLV cat started having a chronic bloody nose (in one nostril only) 
about 6 weeks ago. We did a shot of Convenia, then tried 2 weeks of 
azithromycin antibiotics. Didn't help.

I took him in for a follow up yesterday and upon closer inspection we 
discovered a polyp visible just on the inside of his nostril. It was too small 
to remove with tweezers, so the vet prescribed another round of azithromycin to 
kep infection at bay, and suggested we wait a month or 3 for it to grow bigger 
so we can remove it.

I'm just glad it's not cancerous, but the poor guy has sneezing fits daily, 
wakes up with dried blood crusted around his nostril each morning, and I'm 
wiping bloody specks off my floors and walls (from the sneezes. Looks like a 
mini crime scene in my house :-P)

Curious if anyone else has had to help cats with nose polyps.

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