Hi Roxanne,

I totally agree with what Amani said.

And thanks for taking care of the FeLV kitties!!




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It is really up to you. Nothing forces you to explain your actions to anyone
else. However, if you do choose to share, it certainly helps others to know
that there are options and hope for FeLV cats. Certainly, the message we get
from many vets, once there is a FeLV diagnosis, is that there's no hope and
no choice but to put the cat down. It helps to counter that message with
some positive experiences.




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I need some opinions I currently have one feline leukemia cat and someone as
of now is going to give me there leukemia cat. they changed their mind for
about 3 weeks now. My question is for two years I've not told anyone that I
have had and have a cat with feline leukemia I don't want people to judge
me. But I feel bad cuz I'm not embarrassed to own a feline leukemia cats. My
current cat is now two years past his diagnosis. Do I share with my friends
and then Facebook or do I maintain keeping the secret


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