I haave had no problems with this, all I can offer is prayer.

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>  I am new to the list. Three weeks ago my 5-year old Miakitty was diagnosed 
> with FeLv. The ELISA test showed slightly + for FeLv. Itook her to the vet’s 
> initially because her lymph nodes were raging – all ofthem premandibular, 
> prescapular, inguinal all the way to the popliteals wereenlarged. A needle 
> aspirate of the lymph nodes result was hyperplasia,no lymphosarcoma. White 
> blood cell count was normal, but she was anemic, butnot to the point of 
> needing a transfusion.I was devastated and stunned at this diagnosis because 
> she(the whole litter) was tested as kittens for FIV and FeLv and were 
> negative. Myvet said the disease can stay in the bone marrow. I have her 
> brother who isasymptomatic – confusing. I haven’t had him tested yet for FeLv 
> yet.My vet recommended treatment with Immunoregulin. Theprotocol per Plumb’s 
> is an IV injection twice weekly for two weeks, then 1injection once weekly 
> for 21 weeks. She is now in her 4th week oftreatment. For the first two 
> weeks, her lymph nodes decreased and becamesofter. But after the 2nd week her 
> lymph nodes are raging againdespite the treatments. She is eating well, but 
> not very active. Has anyone had experience with this treatment or any 
> othertreatment(s) or advice to help my little girl? Thanks in advance,  Pat 
> Peterson

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