hoping for the best - most especially for a vet who is willing to work with you 
and your kitty cat 
Sandy W 

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I will leave it to Amani to counsel re: protocol... but the short 
answer re: Doxy and pred is No... not the usual course of Treatment... 

Of primary importance ( and this cannot be overstated) is to have your 
vet onboard with you and to have he financial means to implement the 
treatment without having to cut corners..... I'll never know if I could 
have saved MY little guy had I had a cooperative vet and sufficient 
funds to secure everything I needed in a timely fashion..... I'm 
hesitant even to get another FeLV cat to be company for my still very 
active other FeLV buddy because I will have to Foster this time and the 
shelter is not on board either with Amani's protocol ( which means I 
would have to stand helplessly by and watch another cat fade unless I 
spent money I don't have going against their wishes...... Difficult 
decisions. You'll never know if the regimen can help if you wait too 
long to implement it..... I've been on this list long enough now to see 
a few cats helped quite a bit by the Win/Doxy/Pred combination and think 
it would make more sense to try 
THAT first rather than wasting time with the other treatments that 
appear to have a less impressive effect... 

Again.... my opinion... and not an expert one 

You write as someone who has some medical experience or at least a grasp 
of medical protocols.. so I imagine you can make an informed 
decision..... Hopeful that Win/Doxy/Pred can stop things FROM 
happening in instances that the worst has not yet begun.... 

Hoping for the best... 


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> Follow-up questions for FeLv meds 
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> Thank you all for the information for my Mia kitty. I have a few more 
> questions for Amani concerning Zander's Protocol: doxycycline -?Should 
> a calculated dose be used?based on weight of animal for this or is 
> the?dose that you give apply to all cats. Mia is a?small girl -?weighs 
> 7 lbs. Also, how long should she be taking the meds. Is it the normal 
> 7-10 days to 2 weeks antibiotic?regimen or longer?Prednisolone - I 
> assume this is the normal protocol for this drug - a loading dose with 
> tapering doses.winstrol - looks like this is taken until the 
> hematocrit reaches?near normal range. Then, should this be continued 
> to maintain a normal level forever? 
> Thank you all again. I am grateful for your intelligent feedback and 
> experience on this subject. I am at a loss since I have never had a 
> FeLV cat in the many decades I've had the privilege of sharing my life 
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