AMEN TO THAT!  I especially get angry that they do not consider alternative 
medicine a viable tratment.  Unless I get a broken arm, I first try alternative 
meds.  I have not had a flu shot for over 8 years and have not had a cold or 
flu.  I use ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion, cinnamon as my anti flu meds.  I 
just wish we knew more about animals (cats) and herbs, which is safe or not 
safe to use.  Then when something comes up on a weekend/holiday and I cannot et 
my cat to the vet, I would be able to start treatment  until I can get to a vet.

---- ROBERT CHAPEL <> wrote: 
> Amani...

If we consider the extended time frame for Doxy and multiple courses of 
other ABX it makes a certain "intuitive" sense that a non bacterial 
infection is going to require a longer period of time to have whatever 
non-specific ( read... not related to bacterial infection 
necessarily)...  So little research money appears to be devoted to FeLV 
that I don't know that we'll know in the next decade unless the 
continuing demands of consumers ( who do NOT want to hear , in this day 
and age of " Miracles") that there is _ no hope_ for their much loved 
pets) alter this course.    I STILL bristle when I think of the closed 
minds in the medical and Veterinary community and SO resent that 
businessmen( Yes...that is what the vast majority are turning into now 
that practices are being forced to consolidate into " Health Systems").. 
hold the power of life and death over us AND our pets.   On the plus 
side.... with the business model being what it is ( and in contrast to 
the lost art of " professionalism")  The CONSUMER is always right.  Vets 
will be forced, in the future, to work more closely with the " 
customers" wishes as attachment to a given vet will become less common 
as time goes on and people will " practice shop " for the answers they 
want until such time as Vet services become so expensive that insurance 
becomes a " must have " and ultimately go the way of medicine ( 
ie...being confined to a slate of approved practitioners... 
again....limiting choice)...  But... there are some years to go before 
that happens and I feel that there IS a window of opportunity happening 
NOW and for the next few  years for people to have some real influence 
on how Vets practice....   I am betting, for example, that had I had the 
money to go to a more " well to do " neighborhood where people are more 
demanding and better informed I could have found a vet to cooperate...  
Here in the "sticks" people just blindly accept what the vet has to say 
and they still enjoy the freedom of calling all the shots.....   This 
WILL end over the next couple of years.  I learned a lot with this first 
experience and made mistakes that I WILL NOT make again.

BTW....  Do you have any literature in support of the AntiRNA effects of 
Doxy...     I am SO happy that there are still a couple of things out 
there that we still can get our hands on that don't have to pass muster 
with script pad businessmen....  STILL I am also not advocating the the 
medically ill prepared take it upon themselves to decide that THEY will 
decide what is best for their animal... If we are going to go above and 
beyond our Vets advice it would best be with very sound reasoning and an 
EXCELLENT understanding of what we are doing and why.   Anything less 
and the community of Veterinary practitioners could easily dismiss our 
successes as "dumb luck" or ascribe them to " unknown" factors.....  I 
think this is particularly important re: Winstrol/Pred/Doxy   I'd hate 
to see people going to their vets asking for this combination of drugs 
and really having an inadequate understanding of why they are asking for 
beyond the fact that it's been recommended on our forum...    For 
myself... I am clear on the Whys of Winstrol and Doxy ( though will be 
looking for more lit support on the RNA effects of Doxy) but not clear 
on the whys of the Pred.
Sorry for taking up so much space here but I'm having an " attack " of 
missing my little guy and am tremulous about being caught in the same 
position if I take in another FeLV as I am inclined to do....


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