Hello All:

My remaining boy ( Magellin aka  " Jelly " ) has some kind of fluid either in his lungs or in his trachea... The oddest thing is that despite my hearing it ALL the time ( and even frequently cupping him to get him to cough and clear it a bit) 2 Vets have failed to hear it ( and... in fact... it seems to disappear when I've taken him somewhere to "show" them what I'm talking about)... possibly adrenaline from being anxious about being in the car and a new environment dries it up temporarily.. just like we get dry mouths when we are scared??  It concerns me even though it's not currently causing him a lot of distress.... it's just very disconcerting when I hear him gurgling as he eats his dinner or as he sleeps because I simply don't know what it is and if there is something I should be addressing before it gets worse...   When I first got him he appeared to have an asthma like condition with multiple attacks of a kind of " hacking"  each day....  Interestingly that was last March as well ( when I first got him.... almost to the day today..... along his little but older "brother" who lasted just under a year with me despite many many trips to vets and multiple meds nearly the entire time I had him....  I call him little because he failed to thrive from the  get go...a poster cat for bad FeLV)   I still feel his loss and I will be devastated if I were to lose this guy over something I could have done something about.....   The asthma like condition went away after I gave the rugs a thorough cleaning, moved all the furniture away from the walls and vacuumed and cleaned... got rid of as much dust as I could.... I did so many damn things I'd be hard pressed to know which ( if any) were the most useful...could have been simply that when I was finally able to open the windows THAT did it...   All that said.... just wondering if anyone has had such symptoms with a cat ( sounds like one of us might sound after a bad chest cold just as the mucuus is loosening up... but instead of getting better it simply stays at the same level....    Anyone have experience with using nebulizers with cats ( and yes I've done the bathroom shower thing...  thats a bit wasteful....)....    I'm actually wondering about these new " Vape things... ie... if I were to add a small dose of medication to it....  they produce a HUGE amount of vapor and could be a LOT cheaper than a nebulizer.....  Wondering also if anyone has ever given a cat a small dose of a mucolytic medication with what result.???     Ultimately I'll do a chest Xray but... these are rather pricey and it's spring "wedding" time now....  another cash outlay.... Though I won't hold off if it gets worse... I've just been home a LOT lately and have been hearing it all day long many days.... The little guy is still playful , energetic, eats well ,poops and pees normally and is his same ultra sociable self... I just don't want to ignore something I really should possible be paying more attention to.....

thanks for any suggestions and experience...


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