Great news - but I'd be shopping around for a vet who will be on board with you 
before Figaro is actively ill - just my opinion 

Sandy W 

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Subject: [Felvtalk] Good news! 

Figaro's bloodwork shows he is "healthy" ! ! ! No sign of ear mites so 
treatment now is to clean & use ointment for otitis externa. Did NOT do skin 
scraping for d. gatoi, fur & skin are MUCH improved. And Vet's going to let us 
have the "Barn cat" discount on his neuter! 
Bad news, Vet "looked into" the meds of Z's protocol & efficacy for FeLV, and 
isn't on board... 
So, until Figaro is actively ill from FeLV, we'll continue to vet @ this 
IFA results are pending. 
Thanks for your prayers & support all ! ! ! 

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