Hi Robert,

No problem about the joke. I was also joking when I said your remark
almost gave me a heart attack.

Re: FOOD -  None of my 13 rescued cats like the grain free foods
either. They also don't like Friskies canned, but I worry about too
much dry food. It easier to feed, but they need more moisture so they
get Fancy Feast once a day (expensive with 13 cats) but thats all
they want. The rest of the time they get dry food, but I cannot free 
feed as I have 4 who are overweight. So they all get fed individually
and I've discovered many of them like a bit of water on their dry
food, which is good because this way I'm sure they are getting enough

As for myself I eat as healthy as I can. Junk food actually  turns my
stomach now as does fried food. I've been eating this way for about
30 years now, and I really love veggies, whole grains, and very little
meat. What meat I eat is always braised or baked.  It must be working
as my blood work is perfect at age 84, but I still got arthritis and
it's VERY painful.  I figure I'll live to be 100 and be in pain the 
entire time :-(   Well I have to outlive all these cats so I'll deal 
with it.


On 03-11, ROBERT CHAPEL wrote:
> First... my apologies to those who did not get IMMEDIATELY that I was 
> joking about using a knife to remove Jelly's fluid....  I thought it 
> would be a foregone conclusion anyone  one who takes the time to BE in 
> this forum would ever do such a thing be it from cruelty or monumental 
> stupidity....   Such are the drawbacks of email communication...minus 
> facial cues and voice tone...  there are only words on a page.
> Re  FOOD:  This is argued perpetually even among vets and animal 
> nutritionists... There is the " raw only" camp.... the don't EVER let 
> your cat touch grain camp... The ONLY wet food camp... the Use Multiple 
> sources of protein camp( don't stay with the same food camp vs...stay 
> with the same food camp)....ad nauseum...... I am personally an 
> excellent human example of how genetics influences health... I am a 
> walking heart attack ( apart from my tendency to like exercise and keep 
> somewhat active).. On a limited budget now...and ,even when I had money, 
> so seldom home.. I have been eating " wrong" my entire life.. Meanwhile 
> a recent Cardiac Vessel Calcium test found my vessels 100% clear ( MD 
> says I'm good for 10 more years minimum)... 3 friends that have eaten 
> "right" for decades have recently been Dx'd with heart issues... 
> Unfair...yes... but fact.    *** The only thing I can somewhat control 
> that concerns me a lot is making sure that my cats get enough fluid so I 
> try to be sure that they ( he) get some wet food daily in addition to 
> the water he drinks.... Don't know that it's a deal breaker but it makes 
> ME feel better.................

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