My 19-year-old female has arthritis quite badly. Sometimes I think she is 
getting to the point of being in a lot of pain, she is extremely careful about 
lying down and sometimes walks kinda wobbly. Then the next day she is hopping 
up on chairs and seems to be just fine. She also has a tumor on her side which 
was about the size of a dime and it is now about the size of a quarter. I 
wonder if she would benefit from Canna-Pet. I imagine it is also hard to 
obtain… Ardy



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That’s really interesting. I have been blown away with the scientific evidence, 
already available, about the effectiveness of cannabis in human health. 




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Anyone have experience using Canna-pet, or cannabinoids for FeLV cats? I just 
found out about it. Since I can't afford radiation for K's nose tumor, this 
looked interesting.


>From their website:

What do customers use Canna-Pet for?

*       Anxiety <> 
*       Arthritis <> 
*       Allergies <> 
*       Cancer <> 
*       Digestive Issues 
*       Seizures <> 
*       Inflammation <> 
*       Joint  <> & 
Mobility Issues
*       Pain <> 
*       Homeostasis <> 


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