My baby does this when he is just lying down and resting.  No fleas or anything 
else.  His middle area just jumps like he is having hiccups.  It’s been 
happening over the last month but all else is normal.  Eating and drinking and 
acting normal.

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Have you looked into Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome?  It looks like the skin 
'ripples' and the cat either bites at the spot or tries to run away from it, 
but there are no fleas present.  Here is an article from Cornell vet school:

Kat (Mew Jersey)

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Hi Sheila,

Our cat Tigger (who was FeLV+) did that body quiver thing, and usually right 
after eating. He did it more than our current cat – Topaz – who does not have 
FeLV. Tigger would then turn around fast and try to bite his side or back, and 
then he would run, as if running away from it. The vet said he had UTI and we 
treated him for that – and a second vet said it was UTI but not urinary tract 
infection, but rather urinary tract inflammation. They did all kinds of tests 
including taking urine samples with a needle.

Topaz also does it but not as often, always after eating. The vet said she must 
have fleas and sold me some of that stuff you put on the back of their neck. 
Although they fine tooth combed her and could not find any fleas. I have never 
seen a flea on her or in the house, and I know what they look like and have had 
them in the house several years ago, and had to “bomb” the house and dip the 
cat etc. So---- I never put that chemical stuff on her. I have been trying to 
get her to drink more water though and she does it less now. She prefers to 
drink out of the bathroom faucet which I leave running in a tiny stream for 
her. (I have a fountain but she isn’t interested).

I’m not convinced that any of the vets I have taken them to are correct so if 
anyone else has any idea, I’d be interested in hearing your opinion on what 
this is too.

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Hello, my Skylar seems to have hiccups movements in his body but not coming out 
of his mouth.   Like his body jumps in the center.  His bloodwork was great 
last time besides the FELV and he isn’t due for bloodwork until May.  Has 
anyone seen this type of thing?

Sheila Armstrong-Brown
Administrative Aide
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