>>>>> "TA" == Thomas Adam <tho...@fvwm.org> writes:

>> Does Jason Tibbitts have involvement with the Fedora RPM? From what I
>> see there, it appears to be maintained by someone called Peter
>> Lemenkov: however, there has been very little action there for a long
>> time?

TA> I'm CCing him.  You'll need to ask him, as I have no idea.

I don't really have any "official" involvement with the Fedora package
of FVWM.  I do have privileges to do basically anything to any package
in Fedora, though, and I ran my proposal for getting everything properly
updated by Peter some time ago and offered to do all the work myself.
Never got any response.  I don't really know what the problem is there.
I do know the package changed hands a couple of times over the years and
maybe he just picked it up in order to keep it from dropping out of the

Now, why don't I just take over the package entirely?  Well, I think I'd
be a pretty lousy maintainer, primarily because I don't actually use
FVWM these days.  Switched to KDE years ago.  So while I could maintain
the package, I would be pretty lousy at testing it.  Maybe that would
still be better than the current situation.

Anyway, if any Fedora users around want to do some testing on an updated
RPM for Fedora, please chime in and I'll get one built.  If you're
willing to give it karma then I'm willing to go through the work of
getting it pushed out.

 - J<

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