Den 24 mar 2016 5:22 em skrev "Thomas Adam" <>:
> Hi all,
> I've to document this formally, but I wanted to let you know of a few
> I've enabled for the "master" branch on the main fvwm Git repository.
> All pushes by default (across all branches) will now have Travis CI ran
> against them.  Travis is a Continuous Integration tool[1] which allows the
> code to be compiled.  If there's any errors, an email is sent out
> where the logs can be found[2].

Cool. Would it be possible to stick some unit test framework to it as well?

> Additionally, the master branch (which is where all the stable code
> for releases ends up) now has protection enabled, which means code will
not be
> merged there by default, should Travis CI be unable to build it.  This
> help things be more robust, and provides a much more powerful alternative
> the old snapshot mechanisms of yesteryear.  This also means commits
> on master are discouraged---but that's OK because we've discussed that

Is our strategy for handling of branches and pull requests summarized


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