Thomas Adam <> writes:

> Hi all,
> Just looking through a few things, and I thought I'd ask whether fvwm needs to
> stlil support color limiting, and color depths for XServers with less than
> TrueColor?
> These days, 24-bit seems to be the standard, and indeed, I've never yet come
> across a server still using only 256 colours.  Whilst I appreciate you can
> still go and find such things, do we actually need fvwm to supprort it?

It's not the server, it's the hardware in the workstation
graphics card.

Back when I was using Sun hardware it was required.
I put the original code in that tried to force colors to
familiar named colors with the idea that colors with common
names would be already be in use.

A while later the old code was ifdef'd with the current
color cube logic.  I think there is no risk in removing
the common name logic but that won't reduce executable size.

I don't think the color limiting stuff is large enough to
make any difference.  If you think otherwise, consider
making it a build option.

Dan Espen

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