I have been using fvwm for eons, since it replaced twm and mwm. I never felt the need
to change the original behaviour of the mouse buttons.
fvwm is running over X, I mean I use NO desktop (gnome, KDE, ...) and is launched by gdm3

I have now upgraded Debian from squeeze to wheezy and fvwm menus are not responding ... (fvwm version 2.5.30 but after downloading, compiling and testing fvwm 2.6.5 I made no

config file reads
#     Button    Context Modifi  Function
#if mouse is in root window...
Mouse 1         R       A       Menu "Utilities" Nop
Mouse 2         R       A       Menu "Window-Ops" Nop
Mouse 3         R       A       WindowList

I have checked that things like
Mouse 1         x       A       Menu "Utilities" Nop
with x in {A,W} work as expected.
As a temporary fix I enable Key F3 to F5 for the menus and
have pointed <ctl> Mouse to the menus
Mouse i        A       C       Menu .....

¿Is this a bug? ¿Is there a fix?


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