I prefer to use Geeqie as an image veiwer, and reserve possibly destructive 
tasks for Gimp, etc.  I have yet to check to see if the configure script has a 
flag for enabling/disabling support for possibly destructive tasks, but should 
there be a switch for enabling/disabling support for possiblly destrutive 
tasks?  (ie. Delete, Apply orientation to image content, ...)  Accidental 
clicking happens with us older folks!

I have used delete on rare occassions though.  But for image rotation, I'll 
rely on Gimp or ImageMagick.  (ie. I already have a script when importing 
photos from my digital camera, using: exifautotran *.jpg"

So maybe adding a switch for enabling each specific possibly destructive task, 
or adding destrutive tasks as a plugin might be wise?

I myself prefer to just use Geeqie as an image veiwer; and at most, adding 
database categories or maybe even future editing of EXIF image metadata.  
(However, editing EXIF metadata could be termed as a possibly destructive 
task.)  Technically, I'll use Geeqie within one virtual window for browsing 
images within a folder, while using the Gimp and a flatbed scanner interface 
within other virtual windows.  Although I loath the command line interface, 
it's really difficult to see images within a folder through the CLI.


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