Klaus Ethgen wrote, on 3.5.2016 15:18:
> Am Di den  3. Mai 2016 um 13:06 schrieb Josef Kufner:
>> Klaus Ethgen wrote, on 3.5.2016 12:30:
>>> For Release this need to be set manually as before. Maybe I can make a
>>> better solution or someone comes up with one.
>> Is there really a difference between release build and ordinary build?
>> Does it have to be?
> I would say so:
> - Release build must not fail

So there must be a fallback for tarballs (directory name?).

> - Release build has a version (not a hash number

git describe produces very nice string: tag, number of commits from the
tag and hash. If current commit is tagged, it produces only a tag name.

> - Release build only receive stable and/or security patches

That does not conflict with anything. Still all releases should be
tagged (incrementing patch number), so it does not change anything.

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