1. I can't find how to enable marks in file manager, they are no longer displayed, nor do I see mark filter. I previously used it for sorting photos(by associating with keywords) and then filtering out what's necessary. Is this feature have gone for good or I just can't find how to enable it?

The marks functions, including Show Marks, should be on the "Select" main menu item. Which version is displayed on the Help/About window on your installation?

If you display the Info Sidebar and open up the Keywords section, you can then right-click on a keyword to associate it with a mark.
2. Finally found how to display current marks as overlay but it shows a lot of redundant information which found on the status bar, take a look to attached screenshot, is there a way to disable it?

The content of the Image Overlay is defined in the Preferences/Windows tab. Just delete everything in the Overlay Screen Display box. The overlay will still show any defined marks when you select an image that has been marked.

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