In XFCE4, I observe a lot of screen tearing in displays on external
monitors. One thing I tried was to turn off the compositor.

When I do that, geeqie has a weird behavior I've noticed now and then
over the years.

In geeqie, float the file list and in preferences choose "fit window
to image".  Set size to 1:1.  If you open a very large image that goes
off the bottom of the screen, then when you drag the window up, the
bottom of the picture never displays, You see black lines and some
distortion of very thin likes showing.

You do not have same trouble if the file list is not floating or if
viewing is full screen. In either of those cases, then the pull up
does reveal bottom of image.

If I turn the compositor back on, then the bottom of the image does
display when scrolling.

I don't understand why the compositor would fix that, but it does.
Can somebody explain if this is important/bothersome?  I wonder if it
means there's something wrong in the window manager. Or else the
system is working the way it should.  Please let me know.

Paul E. Johnson
Director, Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis

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