Omari> It appears that each time I come back to working on Geeqie, I send one 
Omari> of these emails ;o)


Omari> Here are threads #1 and #2:
Omari> #1:
Omari> #2:

Omari> In #2, I had created a one-liner to compute a line-length
Omari> histogram our codebase.  I've rerun it and included the results
Omari> below as [1].  If also attached a list of max-line-length by
Omari> source file.  As of my git clone from earlier this week, Geeqie
Omari> has 106k lines.  227 of those lines are over 160 characters.
Omari> That's 0.2%

Omari> I am willing to change those 227 lines by hand if it means we can commit 
Omari> to a line length limit of 160 characters.

Why don't you setup a test branch on github and show what you propose?
Heck, I'd be happy to limit lines to 100 columns unless absoltely

Omari> But beyond that, ClangFormat exists now.  Because it's part of
Omari> Clang, and actually lexes/parses the C language, it can make
Omari> actual semantically-driven decisions about how a piece of
Omari> source code should look.  This means that _if_ we decide on
Omari> some style, ClangFormat should make it relatively
Omari> straightforward to update the codebase in one fell swoop.  (And
Omari> FYI, the C++ standard at Google, where I work, is to run all
Omari> code through ClangFormat, with exceptions specified as per [2])

Again, run the codebase through and send out a link to a sample branch
so we can look it over.

Omari> With that said, I would love for us to get away from a style
Omari> that encourages us to mix tabs and spaces.  See, for instance,
Omari> [3].  There is no way to match an arbitrary paren on the prior
Omari> line without using spaces for some indentation.  But if our
Omari> style is to use tabs for most indentation, it either means that
Omari> you can't match the exact paren offset from the previous line,
Omari> or you have to mix tabs and spaces.


Omari> My personal preference would be to switch to using spaces for
Omari> all indentation, but I would be okay with using tabs for all
Omari> indentation as well, so long as we avoid situations where the
Omari> tabs need to be padded with spaces.

Something consistent that vim/emacs/joe/eclipse/your favorite IDE can
all agree on is fine with me.


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