On 12/24/2016 02:00 PM, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
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> Hi Omari,
> Am Fr den 23. Dez 2016 um 19:09 schrieb Omari Stephens:
>> In #2, I had created a one-liner to compute a line-length histogram our
>> codebase.  I've rerun it and included the results below as [1].  If also
>> attached a list of max-line-length by source file.  As of my git clone from
>> earlier this week, Geeqie has 106k lines.  227 of those lines are over 160
>> characters.  That's 0.2%
> I personally doesn't care about long lines if they make stuff more logic
> than a hell of linebreaks with indentations.
> Longer lines are also better sometimes for merging purpose.
> Moreover, most editors shows long lines in a better way as short ones
> with indentations. Especially if you resize the window. I do many perl
> coding and what I hate most is that limitation to 80 chars. When I use a
> windows that is smaller, the code gets unreadable as the linebreaks from
> the editor interfere with the artificial linebreaks.

I agree with everything you just said.  But my terminal is 190 columns 
wide, and when I see lines wrapping just because the author didn't 
bother to put a single newline in there, it's a problem.

I think we could easily say "no lines longer than 160 chars" without 
incurring most of the downsides that you're bringing up.



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