On 12/24/2016 02:43 PM, Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> On 2016-12-24 15:00, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
>> It is nothing more wrong than a mismatch of that options with the
>> current used style. (Does someone here use different editor than vim
>> that does not respect such a setting?)
> I use Emacs.  The C style in Emacs is extremely customizable, but still
> I can't say for sure there is a 1-1 mapping of the settings with the vim
> style settings.
Emacs here also.  I don't know a ton about configuring it, but I know 
enough to make it do 3-space indentation :o)

> Other points:
> - I strongly prefer spaces only indentation

> - I am actually pretty religious about keeping to 80 chars per line.
>   IMO if an expression is longer than that it needs to be factored
>   anyway to be readable.  Of course some cultures (cough..Java) make
>   this hard by adopting reallyInsaneLongDescriptiveNames, and then the
>   people from such cultures move into your project ... ARRRGH!

I would generally agree with you, but large C projects fall into the 
same bucket as Java, specifically because C doesn't have any real 
concept of namespaces.  Consequently, I think 80 chars is a bad idea for 

So when your line starts off like this:
"combo = tab_completion_new_with_history("
You're gonna have a bad time.  Especially if it's inside of a loop or 
conditional or something like that.  Constants are even worse, the 
constant "PAN_IMAGE_SIZE_THUMB_LARGE" is already 33% of an 80-character 
budget.  That's the kind of thing that causes statements to start 
consuming extra lines without actually improving readability at all.

(As an aside, C++ namespaces and enum classes would help dramatically in 
conserving readability while reducing statement length.  But when C is 
what you've got, the namespace info has to go in the method and constant 
names, and you've got to set line lengths to accommodate.)


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