On 2016-12-28 19:35, Roger wrote:

> Linux is a different story, as most easy image viewers are heavy on
> system resources or (more currently) depend upon clunky and heavy
> resource usage Python scripting.  For those of us that are a little
> more computer literate, ImageMagick display does just fine, but for
> photography image browsing, GView/Geeqie was a God send.  God send
> because GView/Geeqie is light and simple to use.
> I also think if Geeqie keeps gaining more image editing functions with
> those functions not having switches for deactivating of such image
> editing functions, users may start to sway towards other more heavier
> applications.  (eg. If user is already loading an image editor, they
> may just opt to load some other heavy XYZ application.)  Just guessing
> on the later here.  I'm one of those, if I need image editing, I
> immediately use the more defacto imagemagick or The Gimp.

While I also much prefer Geeqie to stay just a viewer, plus maybe a kind
of "shell" for editors [1], I disagree that Linux lacks lightweight
viewers.  feh is currently my other favorite.

On this topic, would it be interesting to create pipelines for editors,
rather than just invoking them 1 by 1?  For example, we could make it
possible to create a pipeline where an intricate batch imagemagick
command is called on the current image, the output is saved to a
temporary file, and then gimp is immediately called on the temporary to
allow for manual postprocessing.  Can we imagine a GUI for defining such

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