A little status update on the work on gegl-gtk and gegl-qt libraries
(see [1] for background). Both are now minimally useful and the focus
now is on getting the first stable releases out. Plan is to have both
releases out sometime during September or October. Here's the
plan/TODO for the first releases.

First the TODO items which I can't do on my own and need help with:
- gegl-qt is missing a bugzilla component
- qt/qmake needs to be installed on jenkins host (I've created a build job)
Martin? Anyone?

And the rest, from the README files. Any help much appreciated :)

=== gegl-qt 0.1.0 ===
- Fix out-of-tree build
- Use a namespace, GeglQt, instead of symbol prefix
- Find good and consistent names for the different view widgets
- Do API review
- Create 'make dist' and 'make distcheck' targets
- Have a basic set of tests, and good test infrastructure
- Distribute a basic examples for the provided features
- Add information about gegl-qt to gegl.org website

- Display operation needs to spin its own mainloop
- Register the display operation as a 'display' type operation (needs
support in Gegl)

=== gegl-gtk 0.1.0 ===
* Sanitize coding style
* API review, check naming
* Change translation properties (x,y) to take floats
* Add new() and set_input_node() methods to GeglView
* Simple examples for all provided features

* Register display operation in a generic way with GEGL (needs work in GEGL)
* Display operation needs to spin its own mainloop

* Test bindings. At least using Python and Vala (maybe JavaScript)

(hopefully, can be punted)
* Add API for getting model->view transformation matrix
* Add add support for autoscaling and autocentering
* Add signals for drawing widget background and overlay
* Tests for transformations

http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.gegl.devel/1111 and
http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.gegl.devel/1097 for
background on these libraries.

Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com
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